2007 Helm Ave.
N. Charleston, SC 29405
(843) 746-9377

License # 15186

  • Facilities and Materials:   Our classrooms have age appropriate equipment and materials. 

  • Health and Safety: Classrooms and play grounds undergo weekly safety checks

  • Class size: Our classrooms have 1 teachers for every 4 children.  No class has more than 8 children. 


  • Creative Curriculum: All teachers are trained on Creative Curriculum and post weekly lesson plans.

  • Teaching Strategies GOLD: Infants and toddlers receive three learning assessments each year.

  • PITC: Our Curriculum Coach is trained to promote best practices for our children.

The standard of excellence at Nia ITCD is unmatched.  By following the Early Head Start federal guidelines, our center provides a diversified and high quality education to every child enrolled. This includes:  

​​Nia Infant & Toddler

Early Head Start - Child Care Partnership